Will the insurance claim not be received if the PUC certificate is not available.

Due to the impact of the winter season and rising pollution, the debate over PUC certificates for automobiles is currently in full force. The traffic police is also involved in this and is taking action to challenge or seize any vehicles that have not had their emissions checked. Another topic of dispute is the fact that the vehicle's insurance claim cannot be processed if there is no pollution certificate. Let us explain in more detail how much of this is true and what the law says.

We must first find out what the Supreme Court rules on this before proceeding. The Supreme Court ruled that all automobiles must have a PUC certificate in order to comply with the Government of India's 1989 Central Motor Vehicle Rules. As a result, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has instructed insurance providers to refrain from covering vehicles that do not have a current PUC certificate. Vehicle owners will now need to present a current PUC certificate even when renewing their insurance, per IRDA's notification. The Supreme Court ruled that a vehicle cannot be insured by an insurer unless it possesses a current PUC certificate.

What are the rules

Obtaining insurance coverage requires a current PUC certificate. But the claim does not require this. If the PUC certificate for your car is missing when you file a claim, an official of a reputable insurance company claims that your claim won't be denied. The PUC certificate has nothing to do with the newly introduced KYC norms that were implemented in November to streamline the insurance claim process.


IRDA issued a notification on 26 August 2020. Which was wrongly presented in some places. After this IRDA clarified that if you do not have a valid PUC certificate, it does not mean that it is a valid reason for rejecting the claim under the motor insurance policy. This means that if you do not have a PUC certificate and your car meets with an accident, the insurance company is bound to settle your claim anyway.

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