What should you do if you lose your Smart Card/RC Book?

If you own a vehicle, you must understand the significance of the RC card/book. The Government of India has made it obligatory to have a copy of your RC card/book with you at all times when driving.

A Registration Certificate copy, often known as an RC, is a document that verifies your vehicle's registration with the Regional Transport Office (RTO) authorities. You may now obtain a copy of your Registration Certificate in the form of a Smart card.

The smart card will have the following information:

  • Registration Number
  • Registration Date
  • Engine Number
  • Chassis Number
  • Color of the vehicle
  • Type of the vehicle
  • Seating Capacity
  • Model Number

what if you misplace your original smart card? Don't be concerned or alarmed. It is not difficult to obtain a replica smart card if you are familiar with the procedure. You must also have all of the necessary paperwork on hand before applying for a duplicate smart card.

Let's go over how to obtain a Duplicate Registration Certificate Smart Card.

What you must do is:

  • To begin, you must file a police report at the nearby police station. You must provide complete information about how and where you misplaced your RC card. You must also include your vehicle's registration number, model, name and address, chassis number, engine number, and so on.
  • A challan with the words 'RC Card Lost' will be handed to you.
  • Fill out Form 26 after downloading it. This form is easily accessible on the RTO's official website.
  • If you borrowed money to buy the automobile or bike, you must obtain a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the bank that loaned you the money.
  • A triplicate copy of Form 26 should be signed by the vehicle registering authorities.
  • You must have a photocopy of your vehicle insurance, emission test paper, and driver's license with you at all times.
  • All of these documents must be submitted to the car registering authorities.
  • Pay the appropriate fee for your duplicate smart card.

The proper technique is:

  • To begin, buy a blank file that will accommodate all of your paperwork. Make a note of your name, address, and phone number in the file. 'Duplicate RC request' should be the name of the file.
  • Make an affidavit on Rs 20 stamp paper explaining all the data of your card or bike. Ensure that the fact that your RC card is missing is also indicated on it.
  • The file must have all paperwork, including emission test photocopies, Form 26, passport-sized pictures, insurance papers, local address evidence, and identification proof. Please forward this file to the RTO Superintendent.
  • After the Superintendent has verified all of your paperwork, he will sign them.
  • You must go to the ARTO for your ID proof verification and attestation (Assistant Regional Transport Office).
  • After you have paid the applicable fees and charges, collect the receipt.
  • You must provide the receipt to the RTO's Superintendent so that he can check and sign it.
  • Get an acknowledgement slip from the counter.
  • The date you will get your RC card will be written on this paper.

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