5 Vehicle Break issues you should never ignore

Every component of the vehicle must be serviced at regular intervals. Here are some brake problems you should not ignore.

1. A burning odour while braking

If you notice a burning smell while applying the brake, you should always come to a complete stop and investigate the source. Also, open the hood to allow the brake fluid to cool.

2. When braking, the car pulls to one side.

This problem can occur when the callipers do not apply equal pressure to the discs. Driving with a faulty calliper is extremely dangerous because it may fail.

3. ABS warning light

Every vehicle has an ABS system warning light. It demonstrates that something is wrong with ABS. If it appears on your dashboard, have your vehicle inspected.

4. Brake pedal or steering wheel vibration

If your car's rotors are damaged, the steering wheel will begin to vibrate. If this occurs, take your vehicle to the nearest service centre.

5. Visible fuel leaks

If you notice a leak, look for a technician to inspect it. You will be unable to stop safely if your vehicle lacks brake fluid.

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