Purchase or renew third-party motorcycle insurance online.

What is Third Party Bike Insurance?

A third-Party bike insurance coverage is the most basic kind of two-wheeler insurance, and it helps cover any damages and losses your bike may cause to a third-party person, property or vehicle, such as in the event of an accident or collision. The same is required by law, and failing to do so might result in a punishment of Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,000.

What’s Covered in Third Party Bike Insurance?

  • Third-Party Personal Injury :
  • If a person is wounded in an accident, Third Party bike insurance will cover all of his or her medical expenses until the person recovers. In the terrible event of a death, a monetary compensation is also provided.

  • Compensation for Property Damage :
  • If someone's car, house or other property is damaged, the owner is protected for the loss. There is a 750,000 maximum.

  • Owner-Personal Driver's Injury :
  • If you don't already have Personal Accident Cover, you may add it to your Third-Party Bike Insurance to protect yourself from financial losses resulting from bodily injury, death or permanent disability.

What Doesn't Third-Party Bike Insurance Cover?

  • Own Damages:
  • Damages to one's own vehicle are not covered by a third-party bike insurance policy.

  • Drunk Riding or No License:
  • Your bike insurance will not cover you if you were riding while inebriated or without a valid two-wheeler license.

  • Driving without a valid driver's license:
  • If you have a learner's permit and were riding your two-wheeler without a legal driver's license on the pillion seat, your claim will be denied.

  • Add-ons that aren't purchased:
  • Some scenarios are addressed by add-ons. The appropriate scenarios will not be covered if you haven't purchased the two wheeler add-ons.

How to Make a Third-Party Insurance Claim for a Bike

  • An First Information Report (FIR) must be filed and a charge sheet obtained by the Third-Party.
  • If you are entitled to compensation, we will handle it on your behalf.
  • If there isn't a violation of the agreements, we'll endeavor to reach an out-of-court settlement on your behalf. We will represent you in court if the need arises.
  • Above all, if you've been a decent citizen and confessed your culpability for any form of carelessness, your Digit Third Party coverage will still be valid.

Important Things to Keep in Mind When Filing a Third-Party Bicycle Insurance Claim

The third-party individual who files the FIR for the claim must make certain that he or she has sufficient proof.

It's critical to remember that your insurance company and the police should be alerted as soon as feasible. You can't file a claim after the incident has occurred!

The Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India's (IRDA) rules and regulations provide that the claim amount is decided by the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal. While there is no maximum responsibility for personal damages to a third party, there is a limit of Rs 7.5 lakhs for damages and losses to a third-party vehicle or property.

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