Top Monsoon Car Maintenance Tips.

Top Monsoon Car Maintenance Tips

As the monsoon batters India, electric car owners may find themselves wondering about the safety and well-being of their vehicle. Here are some pointers to get you started.

Electric vehicles are a relatively recent occurrence in India. However, considering the government's push for EVs in India, as well as the rising number of such cars being released here, it is time to begin focusing on their care and maintenance in the same way that we do for conventional vehicles. But, for the time being, let's concentrate on one aspect keeping electric vehicles running during the rain. Why? Because the monsoon has arrived, electric car owners are sure to be concerned. So we thought we'd put together a list of some useful car maintenance suggestions to ensure that your electric car doesn't take the brunt of the rain.

Use only a certified charger:

The original chargers that come with electric cars are constructed with adequate covering shields and protective layers that prevent any type of short-circuit, sparks, current loss, and so on. As a result, it is always suggested that you charge your EV with an OEM-issued charger.

Maintain vigilance on the battery:

The humidity during this season can cause corrosion of mechanical components such as battery connectors, reducing the battery's life and strength. Rain can also cause damage to the car's exterior. It is best to keep your electric car covered when parked to avoid this.

Charge in a dry area:

Lightning and thunderstorms might produce a current spike while charging an electric vehicle. This, in turn, might cause damage to both the charging point and the internal circuits. This may be avoided by charging the automobile in a dry and sheltered location.

Don't forget about the cabin:

It's easy to lose sight of the cabin when you're so focused on the electrics. This, however, is just as crucial as the others. And rain may wreak havoc on the cabin, causing a bad odor to grow inside due to things like filthy shoes, moist chairs, and so on. To remove and avoid similar odors, place a newspaper in the footwell to absorb any moisture. A hair dryer can also be used to dry the damp places.

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