"You can't ignore me!" exclaims PUC.

The globe is falling behind in terms of progress and technology in today's period. Every day, new inventions are made to make our lives simpler. But, alas, this progress is inextricably linked to the degradation of the environment and the quality of the air we breathe. Cars have been on the rise since they were invented and dramatically revolutionised the way we move, and this has resulted in an increase in pollution levels throughout the world, prompting nations to set emission guidelines for all motor vehicles.

Did you know that automotive emissions account for around 41% of Delhi's air pollution? Yes, the problem is that serious. The Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate is one technique to ensure that the already severe air pollution is reduced to a minimum. The government of India has made the PUC a necessary document for all motor vehicles in India under the Central Motor Vehicle Rule, 1989. PUC is a required paperwork for almost everyone, although many people don't understand why. Let's examine the significance of PUC in India.

What is the significance of a PUC certificate?

  • Checking sure your car is pollution-free and does not generate gases that harm the environment is an example of environmental responsibility.
  • Global warming: Motor vehicles and cars utilize and create oil and gas, which contributes to the current degree of global warming.
  • Old automobiles: The exponential expansion of old vehicle's supremacy is a major contributor to pollution. So, in order to put things under control, the government has now supplied each car owner with a mandatory PUC certificate.
  • It is a legal requirement that you issue or renew your PUC certificate on a regular basis. An RTO infraction is driving without or with an expired PUC certificate, which carries a punishment of Rs. 1000.

Today, the transport department office has over a million automobiles registered, but an official claims that the total number of cars registered in Delhi is more than the PUC certificate given.

The ecosystem in which we live is deteriorating with each passing day, mostly due to our own selfish desires. As a result, it is past time for us to recognize the significance of things like PUC. It will only take you a few minutes to complete your PUC, but the entire impact will be much bigger. As responsible human beings, we should maintain the PUC document with us at all times when driving and ensure that it is constantly renewed on time. Are you looking for a place to have your PUC completed? Here's a suggestion: Main nikala, oh gaadi leke, oh raste par, oh raste par, oh sadak mein, ek Petrol pump aya, me uthe PUC karva laya!

Driving is an unavoidable aspect of our everyday routine. But, just like PUC, we can be responsible by remembering a few things.

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