To file a claim for vehicle insurance, you'll need these papers.

We all get automobile insurance for our vehicles after considerable research to ensure that we have comprehensive coverage in the event of an accident. But did you realize that possessing an insurance coverage isn't enough when it comes to filing a claim? It is also critical to have some supplementary paperwork for this. So, today, we'll learn about the many forms of automobile insurance available on the market, as well as the documentation needed to file a claim.

How to claim insurance?

  • You must first notify your insurance carrier in order to file a claim in the event of vehicle damage.
  • In addition, a First Information Report (FIR) must be filed with the local police station. Take images of the vehicle's damage as well as proof.
  • After that, the surveyor will examine your car and submit a report to the firm.

After submitting any required documentation, you will be compensated in full for the damage to your car.

1. Third party insurance claim :

  • Third party insurance only covers third party damages and does not cover damage to you or your car.
  • If you have caused damage to someone or his car, you will have to report it to the nearest police station and report it to the insurance company at the time of making an insurance claim.
  • If you have suffered damage in this, then the number of the vehicle in front and the name of the owner will also be required.

2. Damage to you or your vehicle is covered :

  • If you need to file an insurance claim for damage to your own car, you must notify both the insurance company and the police at the same time.
  • Following that, the insurance company dispatches a surveyor to your car to evaluate the damage.
  • If you cause damage to someone or his vehicle, you must notify it to the local police station as well as the insurance provider when filing an insurance claim.
  • If you have been damaged as a result of this, the number of the car in front of you as well as the name of the owner will be requested.

3. Claim in case of theft :

  • If your insurance policy covers car theft, the first thing you should do is notify the insurance company, the police station, and the Regional Transport Office (RTO) as soon as you learn of the loss.
  • You will also be required to hand over the keys to the stolen car to the insurance company.
  • However, depending on your insurance policy and the coverage it provides, certain extra papers may be necessary.

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