Here's how to keep EV scooters from catching fire.

Despite the popularity of electric scooters, a few fires have sparked safety concerns. Learn how to keep your e-battery scooters from catching fire.

Electric Vehicles (EVs), like smartphones, have Lithium-ion batteries, but unlike smartphones, they are frequently placed in direct sunlight, which causes them to heat up and catch fire.

Peak temperatures throughout the summer can lead batteries to overheat and cause fires. Aside from the weather, one of the primary causes of such fires is incorrect charging. People utilise faulty chargers, which deliver the incorrect amount of output current and voltage, resulting in accidents.

These are technical difficulties that may result in a fire. Accidental damage may also result in a fire if the battery is physically damaged and the cells burst, triggering ignite.

Here are some tips to keep your electric scooter from catching fire:

    1. Charge the battery after 30 to 40 minutes of usage to allow the battery to cool down.

    2. To charge the battery, only use an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) supplied authentic charger and avoid using any other alternative or locally produced charger.

    3. Contact your electric car dealer if the battery box is broken or filled with water.

    4. Keep the batteries in a secure location, away from heat, fire, and corrosive or flammable chemicals.

    5. One of the most crucial and fundamental precautions you can take is to park your electric scooter in a shady place rather than directly under the summer heat for extended periods of time.

    6. When the battery is not charging, disconnect the charger and keep both the battery and the charger in a dry, clean, and well-ventilated location.

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