How Do I Change My Address on My Driver's License?

According to the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 , a registered owner of a motor vehicle may seek a home address change in the automobile's registration certificate. Individuals who have moved their domicile for an extended length of time or permanently should also alter their driving licence.

In India, there are two possibilities for changing the address on a driver's license.

  • To update the address on a driver's license, the most convenient method is to go online.
  • The offline way, which entails visiting the Regional Transport Office to make the change, is the second alternative.

Scroll down to learn about both of these procedures for changing the address on a driver's license, as well as other pertinent information.

How to Change the Address on a Driver's License Online?

A step-by-step instruction to update the address on a driver's license online is provided below. To begin, go to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways official website and complete the following steps:

  1. Select your state, then 'Apply Online' and then Services on Driving License' to modify the address on your driver's license online.
  2. Carefully read all instructions before proceeding.
  3. Enter your state, date of birth, RTO, old driving license number, and other information before proceeding to verify your permanent residence.
  4. Select the option to change the address on a driving license in India from the list of DL services displayed.
  5. In the new DL, enter the address you wish to update, enter the Captcha, and submit.
  6. Print the following page, which contains your Application Number, for future reference.
  7. Upload all relevant papers, select a payment gateway, and pay any applicable costs.

Following a successful payment, an acknowledgement message will be shown. To generate a payment receipt, click 'Print Receipt' . Check all of the information on the produced receipt.

Applicants who search 'how to change an address on a driving license' or 'can I change my driving license address online' must ensure that they take a printout of the amended DL after the application is granted.

Go to the same portal and select 'Print Driving License' , then enter your date of birth and application number before clicking 'Submit' .

Individuals who have asked, 'Can I alter my address on my driving license online?' have almost certainly received an answer. Let's move on to the offline method of changing an address on a driver's license.

Offline Methods for Changing the Address on a Driver's License

The offline procedure for changing the address on a driver's license is depicted here :

  1. First, go to the Regional Transport Office and get a No Objection Certificate and a Clearance Certificate. The RTO must be the same as the one that granted the initial driver's license.
  2. Submit an application to the RTO requesting that the address on the driver's license be changed.
  3. With the application and supporting documentation in hand, go to the Regional Transport Office and turn them in. Along with it, pay the necessary costs for this process.

Following completion of this procedure, you will be summoned for pictures and biometrics such as finger and iris scans. Finally, you'd get an acknowledgement receipt with a future date or reference.

If a person chooses to move their residence within the same state, a new driver's license will be provided within a maximum of 10 days. However, if one's present address is in a different state, it may take up to 60 days to verify the same.

Do you want to know how much it costs to alter the address on your driver's license?

If you want to change your address on your driver's license, you must pay a cost of 500 rupees

Documents Needed to Change Address on a Driver's License:

Individuals seeking 'can I update my driving license address online' should be aware of the papers necessary for DL address change, which are listed below. They should keep in mind, however, that this is just a starting point.

  1. a copy of a current permanent driver's license
  2. Fee for smart card (might be required in some states)
  3. Address verification: This contains any of the following documents. - Aadhaar card, passport, election card, LIC insurance, pay slip issued by government or local body, ration card, affidavit made before an executive magistrate or 1st class Judicial Magistrate or Notary Public Application in Form 33 .
  4. Certificate of registration
  5. Insurance certificate that is valid
  6. Pencil Drawing of the Chassis and Engine (might be required in some states)
  7. Owner identification by signature (might be required in some states)
  8. Certificate of Pollution Control
  9. There is no objection. Certificate from the financier (in the event of a hypothecation) - (might be required in some states)
  10. Attested copies of PAN cards or Forms 60 and 61 (as applicable)

How to Check the Status of an Address Change Application on a Driver's License?

There are two web portals where one may check the status of one's driving license. Both methods are depicted below:

Checking via the official website of the State Transport :

  1. Go to the website of your state's transportation department.
  2. Click on DL and LL Registration' .
  3. After being routed, choose 'Know the status of your application' .
  4. Enter the applicant's application number from the application form.
  5. After entering the application number, click 'Submit' .

Following that, a new page displaying the driving license status would appear. You may verify the necessary details here.

Checking via website :

  1. Go to the official Sarathi website .
  2. Go to the 'Online Services' section.
  3. Select 'Driving Licensing Related Services' .
  4. Choose your state of residence.
  5. On the following screen, select 'Verify Pay Status' .
  6. Enter your birth date, application number, and captcha. After that, press the 'Verify' button.

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