How to Apply for a Driving License with a Smart Card.

The design and feel of a driver's licence have altered as a result of similar technological improvements (DL). The DL used to resemble a little journal or book in the past. They have evolved into Smart Cards at this point. To learn more about it and how to apply for a smart card driving licence, continue reading.

The SCDL stands for Smart Card Driving License. 

A driving licence that is issued as a card is known as a smart card licence. It has a debit or credit card-like appearance. There is a chip within the SCDL. This chip contains data on the cardholder, such as biometric information. The Regional Transport Office's (RTO) servers house all of this data.

The book-type DL has developed into the SCDL. The new model is lightweight, reliable, and practical. Drivers may now carry a card that can be kept practically anyplace and is durable in place of carrying a booklet. Drivers can visit their respective RTO to change their old DL into the new format.

How to Apply for a Driving License: 

At the level of an RTO, DLs are managed. If you need a new driver's licence, you should often get one in a smart card format. Those who already have them can update them at their respective RTOs. The SCDL is now being issued by the majority of Indian states, however certain RTOs may still make an exemption. For detailed information, you can refer to the website of your state government or the nearby RTO. State-to-state variations in the procedures for obtaining a SCDL are possible.

How to Complete an Offline Smart Card Driving License Application: 

Here is information on how to obtain your new smart card driver's licence offline.

When you apply for a DL online, it's likely that you'll get one in the form of a smart card. Here's how to complete the online process to obtain your new smart card driver's licence. The technique described here is for obtaining a new licence; it is not for converting an old DL into a new SCDL.

    Step 1: Go to the Parivahan Sewa website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways of the Indian government.

    Step 2: Choose "Driving License Related Services" from the drop-down box under "Online Services".

    Step 3: Choose your state, followed by the RTO.

    Step 4: If you currently hold a learner's licence, choose "New Driving License" from the "Apply Online" drop-down option. You'll need to first get it if not.

    Step 5:   Complete the procedure by entering your personal information, submitting any necessary papers, uploading your photo and signature, arranging a time for the Driver's License Test, and paying the costs. Keep in mind that the procedure calls for the collection of biometric data.

    Step 6: Visit the RTO to take the exam as scheduled

    Step 7: After passing the test, you will obtain your SCDL by mail.

Benefits of a Driving License with a Smart Card: 

Here is a summary of the main advantages of using a Smart Card DL as opposed to an old-fashioned diary-style DL.

  1. Information is securely kept on hand.
  2. It is an enhanced and updated type of driver's licence that contains the driver's biometric data.
  3. A handheld gadget can be used by traffic police to read the data. Otherwise, the data stored in the chip is illegible and unchangeable.
  4. False driving licences are prevented by the SCDL.
  5. The newer format, SCDL, is more durable.
  6. Carrying the smart card is simple.

Qualification Standards for a DL : 

  1. You must fulfill a number of conditions in order to receive a DL. Here is a set of fundamental guidelines for DL eligibility in the case of privately owned vehicles.
  2. You must be at least 18 years old to apply for an SCDL for a two-wheeler with gear and an engine larger than 50cc.
  3. The minimum age requirement for a non-geared two-wheeler is 16 years old, accompanied by a letter of parental approval.
  4. The legal age restriction for automobiles is 18.

Documents needed for DL. 

At various DL application phases, you could be required to provide certain papers.

Documents Required for DL for Indian Citizens: 

  1. Aadhaar Card – mandatory requirement (should be enough in some cases).
  2. Age proof – passport, birth certificate.
  3. Address proof – utility bills, bank-related documents such as a passbook.
  4. Application form.
  5. Medical certificate.
  6. Declaration of physical fitness.
  7. Physically challenged certificate in case of disability.
  8. Current proof of residence.

Form for a smart card driver's licence. 

The following parts are found on an SCDL form.

  1. Basic information on the applicant and the vehicle is provided in the Visual Inspection Zone.
  2. Machine-readable Zone - comprehensive data about DL, including chip serial number, issuing organization, etc.
  3. Information about fines, penalties, endorsements, and other aspects of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules.

How to Change from an Old to a New DL. 

It is preferable to switch from your paper or plastic DL to the new SCDL because it offers several benefits. Here's how you switch from an outdated book-based driver's licence to a modern smart card licence.

Documents Needed When Converting a Driver's License to a Smart Card. 

The following papers must be submitted at the time of DL to Smart Card conversion application at the RTO if you wish to convert your DL into the Smart Card format.

  1. A valid driver's licence.
  2. Address validation
  3. The RT official requested further particular papers.

Smart Card Driving License Fees. 

For SCDL, there is a cost of Rs 200. Keep in mind that various states may charge varying amounts for driving licence smart cards.  

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