What Is the Cost of Establishing an EV Charging Station in India?

India boasts the world's largest vehicle market. The Indian government has recently chosen to plan for a massive transportation overhaul by 2030.

According to the Indian government, anyone can set up an electric car charging station as long as they receive a permit from the electricity ministry and the stations meet the ministry's regulations. This post will tell you how much it costs to put up an Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station in India.

If someone wants to install an electric vehicle charging station, he must meet all of the infrastructure standards established by the government. These infrastructures are under the category of the power ministry's fundamental needs, and the individual must select the appropriate charging option, supplier, and location.

Electric vehicle (EV) chargers come in a variety of styles. The most basic is the level 1 charger, which charges at a slow rate. Level 3 chargers, which use Direct Current (DC) power and aid in rapid charging, are the most common form of charger.

India's growing need for EV charging facilities:

According to the government's infrastructure standards, EV charging stations must be installed every 3 kilometers in cities, every 25 kilometers on both sides of the road, and every 100 kilometers on both sides of the highway. Highway charging stations are necessary for long distance and heavy duty cars. With its expanding vehicle market, India is currently attempting to improve its industrial transportation system by constructing an electric highway connecting major towns.

Infrastructure Required for EV Charging Stations:

A proper and permanent EV charging station necessitates the installation of a transformer and subsequent substation, as well as all necessary safety precautions. For termination or metering, a 33/11KV cable and related equipment should be provided. Following that, adequate civil works must be completed, and there must be enough space for electric vehicles to charge. For authentication, all of these require local certification. This rule, however, differs from state to state.

The cost of an EV charging station :

An electric charging station in India costs between Rs 1,00,000 and Rs 40,00,000, depending on how much it is used and how much money is spent. These are some preliminary charging station estimations based on a more broad scenario and a line-up of 250KVA EV stations.

  • If the charger type is The Combined Charging System (CCS)-60kW, the approximate cost is Rs 50,000.

The following is a step by step analysis of the cost of an electric charging station:

  • A new electrical connection for Rs 7,50,000 is being installed.
  • Rs 2,50,000 in civil works.
  • An Electric Vehicle Supply Unit (EVSE) management software + Rs 40,000 in integration costs.
  • Technician and labor costs, as well as annual maintenance charges of about Rs 3,50,000.
  • To advertise and promote the product, Rs 50,000 is required.
  • The land lease costs Rs 6,00,000 per year.

As a result, the total cost of Rs 40,00,000 covers the first year's setup, and the site is leased.

Some information on the Revenue Model :

People have no control on what is known as Revenue Forecasts. However, depending on a scenario, a prognosis for the following five years can be produced. Assuming the previously mentioned expenditure of Rs 40,00,000, the used amount will be 500-1000 kWh of EV electricity each day.

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