VIP registration numbers generate considerable revenue for Prayagraj's RTO.

According to data from the RTO-Prayagraj, the department made Rs 19.10 lakh in 2020, Rs 21.10 lakh in 2021, and Rs 15.00 lakh so far in 2022 through the auction of VIP registration numbers. Residents of Sangam City are becoming increasingly passionate about getting the automobile registration number of their choosing, and this affection has assisted Prayagraj's regional transport office (RTO) in generating some additional cash.

Four-wheeler owners in Sangam City have in some cases paid more than one lakh rupees to have their favourite numbers engraved on the licence plates of their cars. This year, VIP number 0001 received an allocation for more than one lakh rupees. 566 vehicle owners have acquired VIP numbers through online bidding in the previous two and a half years. This has aided the department in generating around Rs 55.31 lakh in revenue during this time. A review of the RTO statistics Prayagraj's reveals that in 2020, the department had made Rs 19.10 lakh from the auction of VIP registration numbers, Rs 11.10 lakh in 2021, and Rs 15.00 lakh as of this writing in 2022. For instance, the authorities had maintained the basic price of 1 lakh in the auction for VIP number 0001. An important businessman in the area acquired this number by paying Rs 500 more for his BMW than the sticker price.

The RTO office provides such VIP numbers to successful online auction bidders. The base cost of number 7070 is 15,000 in the category of VIP numbers. This year, a vehicle owner paid 21,000 to purchase the number 7070 at the auction. Similar to how number 0707, which had a base price of 15,000 and came up for sale this year, was allotted for 19,000, A fresh series of VIP numbers are auctioned off as soon as it begins, according to assistant RTO Rajeev Chaturvedi. After a week, the auction process is ended if there are no buyers for these VIP numbers. If there are multiple claimants, this process takes 14 days to complete, with the number going to the highest bidder. The remaining numbers in the series are then provided routinely, he continued.

If any VIP numbers remain, they may be distributed at the standard rate. Anyone who owns a two-wheeler or four-wheeler can view the details on the official website and obtain the VIP numbers by placing a bid. In addition to this, he or she can contact the department officials if there is a need for a certain number, he or she said. Vehicle owners who are interested in receiving a VIP number quickly participate in the online bidding process to obtain these numbers, which also generates considerable revenue for the department, according to Chaturvedi.

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