Vehicle owners who have not paid their dues are being targeted by the transportation department.

As the fiscal year comes to a close, the transport and road safety government has directed all Rigional Transport Offices (RTOs) to focus on raising income. The department has set a goal of around Rs 6500 crore for this year and expects to meet it through advance taxes. In addition, officials have been directed to give notifications to car owners who fail to deposit dues.

Earlier this week, transportation and road safety department commissioner Mahendra Soni conducted a review meeting and issued directions to improve income earnings. During a video conference with all regional transport officers (RTOs), Soni directed them to enhance the rate at which income was earned.

Soni stated that the district transport officers, in addition to the transport inspectors in flying squads, should go to the field in the last two months of the fiscal year 2021-22. In places where income is low, the RTO should consult with its District Transport Officer (DTO) and inspectors. He asked the RTO to send letters to car owners who have not submitted tax and challan sums for an extended period of time, informing them of the due amounts. Interact with car owner's phone numbers and send text messages on mobile phones. The commissioner stated that action should be taken to confiscate the cars and blacklist those who ignore the notices and guidelines.

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