Unusable automobiles accumulating dust, a scrap challenge to Smart City.

Scrap trash is creating a significant impediment to the city's transformation into a Smart City. Metal debris is stacked on both sides of the road in the Bunder neighborhood. The automobiles seized by police are accumulating dust near police stations.

Even though officials travel down Bibi Alabi Road and Market Road in the city on a daily basis, they are unconcerned about the scrap pile ups. They don't even separate the scrap once a year.

During the rainy season, water accumulates inside abandoned tires and vehicle spare components, breeding mosquitoes. Dengue and malaria illnesses are more common in scrap yards and scrap yards. A businessman on Car Street claims that the Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC), which broadcasts announcements over loud speakers and advises the public to take measures against malaria and dengue during the rainy season, is unconcerned about the junk pile.

Another concern is the presence of abandoned or seized automobiles in and around police stations and government facilities. These automobiles are parked along the national highway in Mannagudda and Kadri Shivbagh. They are also creating accidents. Plants and vermin have developed on the cars stored at police stations in Barke, Urwa, Kadri and Bunder among other places.

The automobiles that have been taken by the police must be parked in a designated yard or terminal. According to Regional Transport Office (RTO) Vernekar, such a service would be quite beneficial.

According to Prasad Kandak, when the green light was granted for Smart City, the first priority was to develop the ancient fishing port area. This, however, is entirely ignored. The scrap heaps are left alone. Certain roads and drainage systems are built just for show.

We have received multiple reports of scrap being placed by the roadside under Bunder boundaries, says Sandeep Garodi, president of the MCC's health standing committee. Pedestrians and schoolchildren are at risk as a result of this. Furthermore, this waste is causing sickness. These should be removed right away. Otherwise, the MCC will carry out the operation and clear the area.

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