Until the end of November, 739 EVs were registered with the Vashi RTO.

With the growing cost of fossil fuels, the purchase of electric cars is becoming more popular in Navi Mumbai. The deputy regional transport office (RTO) Vashi has seen a significant increase in the registration of EVs ranging from motorcycles to vehicles and buses. A total of 739 EVs have been registered as of the end of November.

According to data released by the deputy regional transport office (RTO) Vashi, a total of 278 EVs were registered through the end of August. However, around 350 additional electric cars have been registered in the previous three months.

The Maharashtra electric vehicle (EV) policy 2021 went into force in July, following a revision by the state government in order to expedite EV sales and promote production. Furthermore, the recent increase in gasoline prices has spurred potential car purchasers to consider electric automobiles. However, the number of EVs is quite low in contrast to conventional fuel cars such as diesel and gasoline. One of the primary causes is the city's dearth of charging facilities.

There are 180 buses, 143 automobiles, 343 two-wheelers, 54 motor cabs, and five e-rickshaws among the 739 electric vehicles. The Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport (NMMT) has registered over 100 electric buses, which are now on the road.

There are now charging stations at Turbhe, Navi Mumbai. Meanwhile, the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) intends to build more than 20 charging stations around the city in order to encourage pollution-free automobiles. In collaboration with the Power Grid, a charging station with two terminals has already been established in Nerul and will soon be operational.

There are a few categories of electric vehicles that do not require RTO registration. Two-wheeler electric vehicles with a top speed of 25 km/h do not require RTO registration since they fall under the category of bicycle, an RTO official explained.

MSEDCL and the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) will organize a roadshow 'Go Electric' campaign of electric vehicles on Tuesday to raise awareness about the use of electric vehicles. MSEDCL has been designated as the state government's nodal agency for providing basic charging facilities for electric vehicles.

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