Unregistered, customized Honda Civic travels Karnataka to Kerala.

Vehicle modification is strictly prohibited in India, and there have been several instances in the past where individuals have faced legal consequences for modifying their vehicles. Many of these cases have been reported in the state of Kerala, where extensive vehicle modifications have often attracted the attention of Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) officials. A recent incident came to light in Kochi, Kerala, involving a highly customized Honda Civic sedan that lacked proper registration and documents. Surprisingly, the vehicle managed to travel from Karnataka to Kerala, crossing state borders and surveillance cameras, until it was stopped by the police in Kochi. A heavy fine of Rs 1.03 lakh was imposed on the owner of the vehicle.

The Honda Civic in question was given significant modifications, giving it an attractive magenta finish. Apparently it lacked any registration plates or proper paperwork. The owner drove the car from Karnataka to Tamil Nadu and later entered Kerala, avoiding border posts and surveillance cameras in the state en route.

Police officials who stopped the vehicle in Fort Kochi were surprised to see a Karnataka-registered car without valid registration or documents. Law enforcement in Kerala vigilantly patrols the roads for customized vehicles, and the vibrant paint job of the Honda Civic had definitely caught their attention. The car featured aftermarket tail lamps, a large rear spoiler, aftermarket exhaust, body kit, and other modifications.

After inspection, the police imposed a fine of Rs 1,03,300 against the vehicle and confiscated it. Detailed information regarding the specific violations resulting in this fine is not currently available. The incident took place in August, and although the owner of the car was from Karnataka, exact details about the owner are unknown. Subsequently, the owner returned to Kerala with the necessary documents, paid the fine and got the car back. While there have been incidents of stolen vehicles crossing state borders with fake registration plates, this is a unique case where a car managed to cross the borders of two states without being detected.

The lack of a valid registration number on a vehicle creates significant challenges for authorities in identifying and distinguishing it from others. The registration number serves as an important identifier, and driving a vehicle without it is strictly prohibited. The Government of India has introduced High-Security Registration Plates (HSRP) to increase security. Fines can be imposed on vehicles that do not have HSRP installed. These plates are tamper-proof and are affixed to the vehicle using single-use bolts, ensuring that they cannot be easily removed.

The motive behind the owner's decision to drive a modified Honda Civic from Karnataka to Kerala is unclear, as the report does not give specific details about the sections under which the substantial fine was imposed. Notably, the Honda Civic enjoys immense popularity among vehicle modifiers in India and across the world, with many extraordinary customizations recorded in various regions of India in the past.

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