The Union Territories is preparing to unveil policy guidelines for electric vehicles.

The Chandigarh government is preparing to announce the initial guidelines for the city's Electric Vehicle (EV) policy in order to ensure appropriate and timely implementation of the policy. These instructions will help individuals understand the processes, procedures, and requirements for using EVs in the city and applying for relevant services through the single window system.

Incentives for various kinds of electric cars, charging stations, approvals, specifics of allocated authority, and so on are significant components of the EV policy, and the guidelines will contain all of the details for people.

"The rules will include all of the specifics and information on facilities, such as how to claim the incentive claim for various sorts of electric vehicles." Furthermore, it will include specifics and information regarding charging stations and how to establish the charging facility which is one of the most important aspects of the Electric Vehicle (EV) policy, according to sources. The rules will be posted on the Chandigarh administration's official website, as well as the Chandigarh Renewal Energy and Science & Technology (CREST) Promotion Society's .

Those who are interested will soon be able to obtain the instructions via both websites.

According to a top Chandigarh government official, Society for Promotion of Information Technology in Chandigarh (SPIC), department has begun work on developing a portal for the single window system, which will benefit consumers.

"After reading the instructions, individuals will find it extremely simple to apply for incentives and other facilities. They won't have to rush here and there since the one window system will contain all of these facilities," an official stated.

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