Union Ministry of Road Transport launches navigation app

  • Union Ministry of Road Transport launches navigation app
  • Drivers will get information about potholes before the trip
  • Ministry's new initiative to reduce road accidents

Thousands of people are killed in road accidents in India every year. Rough roads and potholes are a major cause of accidents.

The central government has launched a navigation app to reduce the death toll in road accidents. This navigation app will alert the driver to the road information before the journey and in this way the driver will be alerted whether the road ahead is bad or there is a pothole on the road ahead. If the information on the road is found before the trip, it will be a great relief to the driver and he will be well aware of the unfamiliar road and as a result, the accident will be reduced. The Centre's move will help reduce accidents.

Navigation app launched in India to warn drivers about road safety

The Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has entered into an agreement with IIT Madras and the digital tech company MapmyIndia Move: Maps, Navigation & Tracking . Under the agreement, India is developing a technology to provide road safety warnings to drivers and has launched a joint free-to-use navigation application that will provide drivers with information on potholes or bad roads on the road.

The navigation app will make the driver aware of some things

The MapMyIndia app will provide the driver with audio and visual information about potholes, bumpy roads, speed breakers, blind turns and other hazards on bad roads.

People can take advantage of this

People can take advantage of this navigation app service on the map, people can give details including unsafe areas, road and traffic problems to the system through this app.

This step was taken to reduce the number of deaths

The central government has taken this step to reduce the death toll in road accidents. The navigation service application called MOVE has been developed by MapmyIndia Move: Maps, Navigation & Tracking App which has won the government’s self-contained application Innovation Challenge 2020. The service can also be used by citizens and officials to provide information about accidents, dangerous places and roads as well as traffic problems to facilitate the rest of the users. The data obtained from the application will be analyzed by Madras IIT and MapMyIndia will use this data to inform the government to repair bad roads in future.

App created by researchers at IIT Madras

Last month, the Ministry of Roads started using data from a road safety model developed by researchers at IIT Madras, which was developed with funding from the World Bank. The integrated road accident database model will be used to improve road safety and emergency response in more than 32 states and union territories created by IITs. IIAT has entered into agreements with several states to reduce road accident deaths by 20% by 2020.

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