Traffic violators will now receive e-challans: SP

Think twice if you are breaking traffic rules including jumping the stop line, doubling, exceeding the speed limit, driving without a helmet and seat belt, and having incorrect number plates at city crossings and crossroads.

The district traffic police officials are preparing to tighten the noose around traffic offenders and issue e-challans using cameras deployed at city crossings under the ITMS (Information Management Technology System). Arun Dixit, SP, Traffic, stated that the ITMS is ready to tame motorists and that all traffic offenders would be punished.

Riding two-wheelers without a helmet, jumping traffic lights, triple-riding on two-wheelers, over-speeding, and driving four-wheelers without wearing a belt will be strictly dealt with, he added, adding that high-tech cameras installed under ITMS at strategic points throughout the city, which are helpful in sending real-time pictures of traffic violations, will also help issue e-challan. Furthermore, traffic police are prepared to streamline traffic at known bottlenecks. Both the traffic police agency and the RTO have been requested to erect traffic signs for speed limit violations and black spots.

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