New traffic rule: Scooter riders should exercise caution since they risk fines even if they wear helmets.

New Delhi: According to the new traffic rules, a currency of 2000 rupees can be deducted even if you wear a helmet. According to the Motor Vehicle Act (New Traffic Guidelines), if you do not wear a helmet while driving a motorcycle, or scooter, then under rule 194D MVA, a challan of Rs 1000 is deducted from you.

Even if you are wearing a helmet in this case, breaking the new laws might result in a Rs 2000 punishment. Always use a helmet to keep safe in the event of a traffic collision.

Due to this error, more than 20,000 dollars will be taken away.

In addition, the new Motor Vehicle Act stipulates that overloading a vehicle can result in a substantial punishment of 20,000 rupees. In addition to this, cars that are overcrowded will incur an extra fine of Rs 2000 per tone. Several instances of thousands of rupee penalties have occurred in the past.

How can I tell if money has been taken out?

Visit E-challan to see if the challan has been deducted or not. Go there and choose the option to view the current exchange rate. You can choose from the Challan Number, Vehicle Number, and Driving License Number options (DL). Pick the option for the vehicle number. Simply enter the requested information and press the "Get Detail" button. The challan status will now show up.

How to pay an online traffic challan

Please visit E-challan Complete the necessary fields and the currency-related captcha. On Get Details, click. A new page will open with information about currencies on it. Locate the money you wish to use for payment. Along with the currency, a link to make an online payment will appear "click it." Complete the payment details. Verify your payment. This process will add money to your virtual wallet.

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