To make their EVs safer, Komaki has introduced "fire proof" batteries.

The electric vehicle manufacturer from Gurugram has announced the introduction of new Lithium-ion Ferro phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries following a number of Electric Vehicle (EV) fire accidents using Komaki electric scooters.

The manufacturer asserts that these batteries are "more fire resistant" than standard Li-ion batteries.

The newly created LiFePO4 batteries, according to Komaki, are safer in the case of severe temperatures since they include iron. Additionally, these batteries have fewer cells (by approximately a third), which immediately lowers the total heat produced inside the battery pack. The newly created LiFePO4 units are more resourceful than normal batteries since they have longer 2,500–3,000 life cycles.

According to the manufacturer, these batteries are able to go more than 300 miles on a single charge.

According to Komaki, the company has also created a "Active Balancing Mechanism" for batteries, which, as its name implies, actively balances the battery cells as necessary. But the business hasn't really explained how this feature works.

Along with the introduction of the new batteries, the business has also launched an app-based service to provide clients access to real-time data. The hardware Battery Management System (BMS) has also received an update, and it is now reading and updating the battery's state every second.

This innovation will strengthen Komaki's position as a reputable brand in the marketplace. We have created a user-friendly smartphone application that will alert end users and dealers of the condition of the battery. Additionally, it will enable Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to service the batteries from one location. This would prevent needless battery movement that might result in transit damage, the Director of Komaki Electric Division, Gunjan Malhotra, stated.

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