There have been 825 lawsuits filed for faulty license plates.

The city's traffic police are implementing a variety of measures to minimize accidents and maintain smooth traffic flow. It has recently become difficult to identify the registration number of vehicles, particularly two-wheelers with defective and folding number plates that are involved in offences. In addition, it has become popular in most sections of the city to leave vehicles parked on the roadside, causing traffic congestion and annoyance to other road users.

Greater Chennai Traffic Police launched a special drive on Sunday targeting cars parked in prohibited locations and two-wheelers with damaged or folding number plates to check on this. According to police, 825 instances involving improper license plates have been filed. Nine of these instances were for folding license plates. In addition, 215 automobiles parked in prohibited areas were confiscated and lawsuits were filed.

Motorists have been asked to install car registration number plates in accordance with Motor Vehicles Rules and to park their vehicles exclusively in designated areas. Motorists are also informed that similar special drives will continue in the future.

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