The UP government will launch a road safety program.

The Uttar Pradesh government will begin a 'Road Safety Campaign' after May 18, with the goal of raising public awareness about road safety.

According to a government spokesman, Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath has directed officials to launch the campaign, saying, "In view of the broader importance of road safety, an action plan for awareness campaign should be prepared in coordination with departments such as police, traffic, basic education, secondary education, technical education, higher education, transport, urban development, PWD, and others."

The chief minister further stated that the campaign should encompass topics such as road engineering, enforcement, trauma treatment, and public awareness.

A special emphasis will be placed on raising awareness of traffic regulations among students in elementary and secondary schools. Emphasizing the need of making road safety a way of life.

According to the chief minister, youngsters should be made fully aware of road safety measures from the start.

University principals/representatives should be versed on traffic rules. Schools must organize meetings with parents, and students should wear 'Prabhat Pheri' to raise awareness about road safety, He emphasized this.

The chief minister also remarked that while speed bumps are vital for road safety, they might be counterproductive if not installed in a scientific manner. Every day, poor design of speed breakers on roadways contributes to accidents. In order to regulate such occurrences, the government must pay special attention in this area.

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