The traffic cops have launched another challan hunt targeting offenders.

According to Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Saumya Mishra, the police would now issue challans to the violators. DCP stated that a 15-day awareness campaign was held in the city from April 1 to 15, during which the traffic police department organized around 201 awareness seminars in various schools, colleges and other organizations to create awareness about traffic rules with the goal of reducing road accidents.

She went on to say that, in addition to holding seminars, the traffic police met with representatives of auto rickshaw unions, carriers and even commuters to inform them about the primary offences that are causing accidents.

DCP went on to say that according to figures, 380 people died in 478 traffic incidents in Ludhiana in 2021. Furthermore, 135 people were seriously injured in these mishaps. Drivers should avoid over speeding, driving on the wrong side of the road, driving while intoxicated, riding without a helmet, and utilizing high-beam lights, which are the causes of the majority of accidents.

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