The state government has taken action against mobile canteens.

The transport commissioner's office has ordered action against vehicles transformed into mobile canteens, food stalls, and eateries for endangering traffic and people's lives.

On Tuesday, Deputy Transport Commissioner Abhay Deshpande directed all Regional Transport Officers (RTOs) and deputy RTOs to begin action. The decision followed the state government's notification on Monday.

Though mobile canteens are classified as private service vehicles under Section 41 (4) of the Mobile Vehicles Act , such vehicles must be registered in the name of an individual and certified to be used purely for personal reasons.

"These mobile canteens have been unlawfully turned into canteens and cafes, While cooking, no safety precautions are followed. These trucks typically sell their wares on crowded streets and sidewalks," according to the transport commissioner's office.

"There is the risk of a severe mishap if an Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinder bursts,"This might result in the loss of not just property but possibly life," it added.

In addition to the health department, RTOs in the state have been urged to communicate with traffic police, anti-encroachment agencies with local authorities, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). RTOs have also been requested to provide action plan reports.

All authorities have been directed to conduct a drive to determine if these cars comply with the standards outlined in the Motor Vehicles Act. The FDA should also collect food samples from such establishments to ensure their quality.

Even though the orders had been issued, the RTOs in Nagpur were unaware of them. I don't know about that, I am also on leave and will notify you when I return, RTO (East) Ravindra Bhuyar remarked.

Roopkumar Belsare (city), the deputy RTO in charge of RTO, responded similarly (East). I am unaware of such a circular, My office staff must be informed, and you are welcome to contact them, Belsare replied.

Many residents and passers-by are feeling the heat of these automobiles, which crowd the city's sidewalks and cause traffic bottlenecks.

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