The state became the country's first EV Capital, because 10% of the total vehicles are electric vehicles

The country and the world are now turning to conventional energy sources beyond carbon emissions. Companies and governments are also investing heavily in renewable energy. The trend of electric vehicles is increasing day by day. India also has a state which has now become the EV capital of the country and its name is National Capital Delhi.

Within 18 months of the establishment of the Delhi Electric Vehicle (EV) Policy, Deputy Chief Minister Sisodia asserts that Delhi has become the "EV Capital of India" . The city of Delhi's percentage of total electric car sales in the country climbed from 1.2% in 2019-20 to 10% in February 2022. Sisodia ascribed the surge to the government's electric car program. According to Sisodia, Delhi has become the first Indian state to achieve 10% EV sales, surpassing industrialized countries such as France and Singapore.

The Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy was introduced in August 2020 with the goal of raising EV sales to 25% by 2024. The Delhi administration stated at the time that their objective was to minimize the amount of harmful air pollution in the national capital.

In January 2022, Delhi introduced an aggregator policy. According to which, when acquiring a new car, ride-hailing aggregators and delivery services would be required to accept EVs. The regulation requires riding aggregators and delivery service providers to ensure that by March 2023, 50% of all new two-wheelers and 25% of all new four-wheelers be electric vehicles.

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