The RTO suspends the licenses of 888 repeat offenders.

The Indore Regional Transport Office (RTO) has suspended 888 driving licences for the next three months for reporting various acts of violence against road safety laws and regulations between January and March of this year.

According to Assistant Regional Transport Officer (ARTO) Archana Mishra, the action of suspending 888 driving licences was taken based on traffic police reports after they caught said number of offenders for various violations of traffic safety rules and regulations, primarily jumping traffic signals at major squares, overspeeding, talking on mobile phone while driving/riding, and so on. "Traffic police recommended proceedings against a total of 888 offenders, and their driving licences have consequently been suspended for the next three months," she stated.

The senior official went on to say that if an offender is caught driving/riding a vehicle after his or her licence has been suspended for three months, the step of cancelling the licence can be taken against them.

According to official statistics, individuals who had their driving licences suspended included 579 two-wheeler riders, 300 four-wheeler drivers. "Vehicle drivers are urged to follow traffic rules as violations of the same may result in accidents, congestion, and chaos for themselves as well as other riders," the ARTO stated, adding that while traffic police and RTO officials have been taking various steps to ensure the implementation of road safety rules and regulations, the success of the programme is also dependent on public support.

Due to government vacations, the Indore RTO reopened after four days, but power outages and electric lines catching fire kept them waiting for hours, to no avail. We enlisted the assistance of the energy department and Indore Development Authority (IDA) (which built the RTO's building) was tasked with resolving the issues. However, it is estimated that this will take one more day, Archana Mishra, ARTO, said.

According to official sources, around 150-200 applicants attend the Indore RTO for a driving license trial, while as many applications for new registration and transfer of cars are processed on a daily basis, generating approximately Rs 1 Crore in revenue for the department.

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