The first biogas-powered EV charger in India makes its debut in Mumbai.

The advantage of electric automobiles is that they are ideal for the environment in terms of zero-emissions, but this comes with a disadvantage. The charging technique, the power utilized to charge EVs is not environmentally friendly. And here is where technology is always introducing more improvements. The most recent is India's first biogas-powered electric vehicle charger.

GO EC (Biogas-powered Electric Vehicle charging station ), which opened a few days ago, is located in Mumbai's Mahalaxmi suburbs. Aero-Care Clean Energy constructed the Biogas-powered Electric Vehicle (EV) charger in collaboration with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. The system has received funding from both the Department of Biotechnology and the Indian government. The charger includes a mechanism that turns waste food from various places into usable gases such as methane, which generates power.

"We already had a decentralized waste management system, including fertilizer as a by product, We process two tones of garbage every day, which equates to around 180-200m3 of methane converted into power". explains Ankit Zaveri, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Aero-Care.

Tafa Shaikh, the plant's manager, GO EC (Biogas-powered EV charger) is also available in Kerala, and we first planned to distribute the electricity produced to power street lights. Later, we collaborated with the Kerala unit to charge electric vehicles.

Shaikh described the technique in detail, saying, Food waste, which is the raw material, is first shredded and crushed before being transferred to the hydrolyzer. It is then transferred via a mixing tank and into the digester tank, where it is cleaned and stored in a balloon. Finally, the gas is converted to power via a generator. The digester tank can accommodate around 1 lakh liters of slurry, which is kept at 40 degrees Celsius, he noted.

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