Telangana Transport Department has totally computerized all of its services.

Hyderabad: On Tuesday, the Telangana government officially inaugurated the computerization of all of its services in an effort to enhance citizen services provided by the Transport department. With the "Anywhere Anytime online Services" program, state residents have complete access to all 59 of the department's services and the option to make payments online. All of the services now operate on a slot system.

Citizens no longer even need to visit the RTO office to use services thanks to the introduction of the called "Anywhere Anytime internet services."

With the introduction on Tuesday, all services provided by the Telangana Transport department are entirely online, whereas some of them were previously just partially accessible online. According to a news statement from the government, the Road Transport Authority (RTA) offices throughout the state see an average of 33,000 transactions every day.

The Telangana Transport Department also collects taxes, enforcing traffic infractions, registering cars, issuing several types of permits (for interstate vehicles, automobiles, and other vehicles), and more. Telangana has 1.47 crore cars operating on the roadways as of July 21. This year, the department earned Rs 1615 crore in revenue. The announcement also stated that just Rs 868 crore was made last year.

People may now have quicker access, improved accountability, and transparency thanks to full computerization. A significant problem that has bedeviled RTA offices, particularly in Hyderabad, is that of intermediaries who demand exorbitant fees for work that anybody may complete independently.

For people who have trouble utilizing the internet, several of them now even reserve slots online for a set fee.

T-App Folio has been linked with the RTA application. The T-App folio mobile app, created by the state for citizen services, has been merged with the RTA application of the Telangana government. In addition, the Transport department is utilizing artificial intelligence-based "liveness detection" to determine if images received through cellphones are of a real person and not a "photo of a photo" to ensure that its new services are not being abused.

Additionally, it will rely on machine learning-based "entity resolution" to confirm the demographic information of residents, such as name, father's name, date of birth, and residences. Two pictures will also be compared using a deep learning-based algorithm.

Following the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, the "Anywhere Anytime online Services" initiative was introduced and made active gradually, beginning on July 24, 2020, with five services. Six further services were added the next year, and six more in 2021, for a total of 17 services. According to the statement, 1,13,115 transactions have been logged so far under the scheme.

The 'Anywhere Anytime' program will allow residents of Telangana to access the following services: Duplicate learner licenses, licenses, badges, smart cards, history sheets for licenses, license renewals, address changes for driving licenses, endorsements for hazardous licenses, new learner licenses in place of expired learner licenses, learner licenses for the addition of vehicle classes, learner licenses for expired driving licenses, and address changes in registries can all be issued.

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