Tata Motors opens a new vehicle scrapping facility in Surat.

Tata Motors recently inaugurated a new Registered Vehicle Scrapping Facility (RVSF) named 'Re.Wi.Re - Recycle with Respect' in Surat, Gujarat. The inauguration ceremony was presided over by Mr. PB Balaji, Group Chief Financial Officer, Tata Motors. This state-of-the-art facility adopts eco-friendly processes and boasts an impressive annual capacity to destroy 15,000 old vehicles.

This RVSF is Tata Motors' third such facility in Surat, the other two being located in Jaipur and Bhubaneswar. The Surat facility has been developed and operated in partnership with Shree Ambika Auto and is dedicated to scrapping old vehicles, both passenger and commercial, regardless of brand. Its primary focus lies in adopting environmentally sustainable practices.

The facility is completely digital, providing specialized cell-type and line-type dismantling sections for commercial and passenger vehicles respectively. All operations are streamlined and paperless, with dedicated stations for the safe dismantling of various components such as tyres, batteries, fuel, oil, fluids and gases. Each vehicle undergoes a meticulous documentation and disassembly process to meet the specific requirements of both passenger and commercial vehicles. This careful approach ensures safe disposal of all vehicle components.

In his remarks during the launch event, PB Balaji, Group Chief Financial Officer, Tata Motors, emphasized the company's commitment towards sustainability and described it as its guiding force. He expressed happiness on the inauguration of Re.Wi.Re. Important steps are being taken towards facilitating and responsibly eliminating vehicle scrapping in Surat. With globally benchmarked recycling processes, Tata Motors aims to reduce waste for a brighter future. These decentralized facilities are expected to benefit customers, stimulate economic growth, create employment opportunities, and address the need for eco-friendly vehicle scrapping.

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