Tata Motors comments on the Punjab Safari SUV fire incident, clarifying the actual events.

After an extensive investigation, Tata Motors has issued an official response regarding the recent fire incident in a parked Safari SUV in Ludhiana, Punjab. Although the Safari appeared to be parked in a secure area within a housing society, investigation revealed a significant factor in the incident. It was determined that an accumulation of dry leaves and paper cups in the engine guard came into contact with the SUV's hot silencer assembly, resulting in the accumulated waste material igniting. This incident underlines the importance of maintaining cleanliness around vehicles and parking them in a safe environment.

The incident came to light suddenly, involving a high-end variant of Tata Motors Safari which was diligently serviced at an authorized Tata dealership. Despite contacting Tata's engineering team, the vehicle owner did not receive any satisfactory explanation or support.

Videos of a Tata Safari SUV parked in a housing society catching fire are being circulated on various social media platforms. The front portion of the vehicle had caught fire and housing society members were seen trying to extinguish the fire using a fire extinguisher. At the time, the vehicle owner posted the video saying, I have this Tata Safari top-end variant, which is always serviced and maintained by an authorized Tata dealer, and it caught fire while parked. He also stressed that there have been no aftermarket accessories or modifications to the SUV to rule out the commonly cited reasons.

Tata Motors responded immediately to customer concerns and launched an investigation into the fire incident. After a thorough investigation, the automaker shared a statement with TOI Auto explaining the root cause. According to their findings, the presence of dry leaves and paper cups deposited on the underbody engine guard near the hot silencer assembly was identified as the cause of the incident. The automaker is actively working with the customer to provide the best possible solution.

While Tata Motors has effectively addressed any safety-related queries regarding the Safari, this incident is a reminder of the importance of maintenance and care of our vehicles to prevent such incidents.

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