Tamil moto vlogger TTF Vasan's driving license suspended for a decade.

After a reckless stunt on the road, biker-vlogger TTF Vasan, also known as Vaikunthavasan, was hospitalized and later placed in police custody, with the Tamil Nadu government suspending his driving privileges for a period of 10 years suspended. A strict stance has been adopted by suspending it. The action was outlined in an official order issued on October 7 by the office of the Regional Transport Officer (RTO), the licensing authority cum Regional Transport Officer (RTO) of the Kanchipuram transport department, which was effective from October 6, 2023 to 5 October 2033.

The RTO order cited a total of eight cases registered against Vasan by the Greater Chennai Traffic Police. The charges range from reckless driving and improper display of number plates to driving without a helmet. Moreover, Vasan had in the past faced legal action under various sections of the Motor Vehicles Act for several traffic violations at places like Nilgiris and Cuddalore districts of Tamil Nadu. Apart from this, a separate case was also registered against him in Manali, Himachal Pradesh.

The Kanchipuram Superintendent of Police, in a formal letter to the RTO office, described TTF Vasan as a habitual criminal. Taking into account the statements and references received, the Regional Transport Officer in Kancheepuram decided to cancel Vasan's driving license for a period of 10 years. The RTO provided Vasan the option to appeal against this decision before the Appellate Authority or the Joint Transport Commissioner in Chennai within 30 days if he wished to get his driving privileges back.

It is important to note that Vasan is currently in police custody after being involved in an accident related to reckless driving while on his way to Maharashtra. He was arrested by the Baluchetti Chattram police in Kanchipuram on September 19 and charged with rash driving and attempt to commit culpable homicide.

At the bail plea hearing held on 5 October, the Madras High Court refused to grant him bail and stressed that this should be a lesson not only for Vasan but also for others who try to copy his actions. We do It must work somehow. Justice CV Karthikeyan even suggested that Vasan's YouTube channel be shut down and his motorcycle confiscated. This is the third time his bail plea has been rejected, as he had earlier sought bail twice from the Kanchipuram district court on September 21 and 26.

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