Suspended subsidy removal- Redesign our four refineries: The Northern Groups Coalition (CNG)

The Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) has requested the Federal Government to rebuild and remodel the four refineries that are now paralysed, as well as to prohibit all types of petroleum product smuggling outside the nation.

CNG also encouraged the government not to contemplate removing the petrol subsidy because it is one of the advantages received by the average Nigerian from the government. CNG praised the government in a statement written by its Director of Strategic Communications, Samaila Musa, for postponing the elimination of the petrol subsidy. The CNG also praised the National Assembly for intervening to protect the interests of the Nigerian people.

As stakeholders in the Nigerian Project, the CNG recommends the Federal Government never to consider removing the subsidy again, as it is the only direct benefit that many impoverished Nigerians receive from the government, the statement added. According to CNG's suggestions, the Federal Government should restrict any leakages by which greedy politicians and civil officials capture public resources for their own gain.

That the Federal Government employ its security architecture to prevent gasoline smuggling, just as it does to prevent rice importation into the nation. It is being done for rice; it is also possible for gasoline.

That government should rebuild and revitalize our four dormant national refineries. The four refineries have a combined capacity of 450,000 barrels per day.

The government should impose certain austerity measures in order to reduce some wasteful expenditures, purchases, vacations, and tours inside and beyond the n Foreign excursions with huge entourages should be avoided by the presidency as well, in order to set a good example for others to follow.

Ministries, Departments, Parastatals, and Government Agencies should all implement certain austerity measures. There are several examples of corrupt actions by politicians and government workers in the past and present. The government may recoup some respectable funds here to fund its operations.

National Assemblies should also stop budget padding and reduce the cost of running the legislative arm as necessary patriotic sacrifices. Given the country's current difficult situation, the government must not extend the borders of hardship, devastation, joblessness, and unemployment to the powerless Nigerians.

According to the Coalition, any controversial initiatives, such as the elimination of gasoline subsidies, will aggravate our security situation and jeopardise people's means of existence. Nigerians endure the weight of the economic crisis through lowering living standards, deteriorating infrastructure, dropping educational standards, and a neglected healthcare system.

They live in wretched poverty and misery, surrounded by elite avarice, flamboyance, spendthrift, crooked activities, and wasted lavish escapades. CNG is actively monitoring the situation since it will never support any policy, proclamation, action or program that is destructive to the people.

"We now use this method to also inform all CNG zonal/state Coordinators and the student wing to halt any scheduled protests", the statement said.

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