Significant budgetary boost from municipal corporations in order to embrace green initiatives.

Gujarat's cities have received a significant budgetary boost from municipal corporations in order to embrace green initiatives. Recent budgets presented in Rajkot, Surat, Vadodara and Ahmedabad have placed a strong emphasis on projects aimed at improving the environment, Creating more green spaces, Weaning people away from diesel and petrol vehicles, Planting urban forests, Promoting electric vehicles and constructing solar plants.

The Rajkot Municipal Corporations (RMC) abolished the ad valorem tax on car purchases on Wednesday and implemented a slew of increased vehicle taxes, Making purchasing vehicles ranging from two-wheelers to trucks more expensive. The goal is to encourage people to use public transportation, Which is mostly powered by electric and compressed natural gas buses. On the same day, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) announced plans for charging ports in each of the city's nine square kilometers, for a total of 300 charging bays. AMC is willing to provide space at a token rent of Re 1 per sq. m to organizations interested in setting up charging stations in public locations. Furthermore, Charging stations within private properties would be exempt from construction taxes including property tax for three years.

The city council in Vadodara is also planning four e-vehicle charging stations. The firm has also developed an innovative project, The first of its type in the state, A 2,000-kilowatt floating solar plant in Ajwa reservoir. It will result in a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 5,200 metric tones. The civic authority will establish a Continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring (CAQM) station in accordance with the Central Pollution Control Board's recommendations. It intends to build four more CAQM stations in the future.

Green commitment observed in planned initiatives marks a new beginning.

Vadodara will also have an urban forest constructed utilizing the Japanese Miyawaki method as well as green fencing around its 50 plots and utilities. Surat Municipal Corporation will also not levy any tax on electric vehicles in 2022-23, Despite pushing residential and commercial project developers to include charging stations for such vehicles. In addition, A 75-kilometer-long dedicated cycling track is being created and the current bicycle sharing program will be expanded. SMC is the country's pioneer in announcing specific incentives to promote electric vehicles for a cleaner environment, Stated Banchha Nidhi Pani, Municipal commissioner. The city also created a biodiversity park along the city's creeks.

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