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In an unprecedented development that is set to transform the driving license acquisition process in Ghaziabad, the Regional Transport Office (RTO) is making significant strides towards increased accessibility and transparency. Gone are the days of going through complicated procedures and relying on middlemen to get a driving license. Through the introduction of Driving Training Institutes (DTIs), citizens now have unprecedented control over their license application process.

Simplification Complexity:
Earlier, the Ghaziabad RTO office used to issue 250 to 300 driving licenses monthly, which included both new learner's licenses and renewals. The complex nature of the process often forces individuals to seek assistance from intermediaries who offer to deal with bureaucratic complexities. However, this practice is changing.

Learning and Innovating Made Easy:
The new initiative focuses on making the driving license acquisition process more simple and accessible. Learning licenses and renewals are integral to this initiative, effectively removing the need for citizens to rely on intermediaries to navigate the complex system.

Government Driven Approach:
The central government's vision for a streamlined driving license process has spurred local growth. In April 2022, the plan to set up Driving Training Institutes (DTIs) in each district was set in motion. This news was strongly welcomed in Ghaziabad RTO office. The proposal to set up two DTIs in the district has been submitted to the authorities.

Easy way to get license:
The proposed DTI, spread over three acres of land each at Dasna and Duhai, will provide comprehensive driving training, equipping aspiring drivers with the necessary skills and knowledge. On completion of training, candidates will receive a certificate which will enable them to apply for driving license online. This innovative approach eliminates the need for individuals to cross the maze of RTO office.

Government approval and implementation:
RTO designated officer Rahul Srivastava says that two companies have submitted plans to set up DTI. These proposals contain detailed layouts for the specified land and adhere to the norms of the Central Government. Pending approval from higher authorities in Lucknow, the setting up of the DTI will mark an important milestone in streamlining the driving license application process.

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