RTOs may produce retrofitted EVs in 14 days.

The state transport department stated on Saturday that people changing existing cars to Electric Vehicles (EVs) must bring them to the various Regional Traffic Offices (RTOs) for inspection within 14 days after the change. According to the circular, vehicle owners must also apply to RTOs to record the change in vehicle Registration Certificates (RCs).

According to the transportation department, numerous cars that operate on Petrol, Diesel, and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) are being converted to electric vehicles.

According to sources, many motorists in the city are opting for electric kit retrofits for fuel-powered vehicles owing to rising gas and diesel prices. However, the majority of them are not informing RTOs of this or making adjustments to their RCs. In the event of an unfavourable situation, such as an accident, such drivers are unlikely to get insurance. Many electric vehicles have caught fire in recent years, prompting worries.

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