FIR against vehicle owners for disobeying this order of RTO, challan will be deducted

UP Assembly Election 2022:

If vehicle owners disobey the order of the Regional Transport Office (RTO) department during the 2022 assembly elections, then an First Information Report (FIR) can be filed along with fine. Therefore, if the order related to the assembly elections from the RTO department is disobeyed, it can become a problem. If the drivers want to avoid any trouble, then follow this order of the RTO department.

During the UP Assembly Elections 2022, a high number of cars will be required to carry staff on poll duty as well as police officers and other security personnel. The first phase of elections is now being held in 58 seats across 14 districts in Western Uttar Pradesh. The RTO department has already begun the process of preparing cars to help staff, police officers, and security personnel involved in polling go to the polling place.

Explain that the RTO department is in charge of allocating automobiles to ensure that any government campaign or election-related activities runs smoothly. Officers from the district's responsible RTO department acquire the cars and make them accessible to the district administration for this purpose. The duty of the cars obtained by the RTO from the District Election Officer's office is then enforced till the voting booth.

This time, the Election Commission has given the district administration specific orders to ensure that there would be no car shortages for the assembly elections. In this episode, the administration has given the RTO department instructions to make automobiles ready for the assembly elections.

Following that, the RTO department began the car purchasing procedure. If any car owner or organization disobeys the directions during the assembly election vehicle purchasing procedure, the RTO department can file a FIR. Not only that, but a FIR may be filed against the driver of the car if he brought the vehicle without alerting the vehicle where the obligation would be imposed.

Acquisition notice to vehicle owners :

On the orders of the administration, the RTO began the process of vehicle procurement. Vehicle owners have received acquisition notifications. Meanwhile, companies of paramilitary personnel have begun arriving in the region in preparation for the election's flag march and security measures. Apart from maintaining the cars in good shape, the administration has told the drivers and assistance that they must have both doses of corona anti-vaccination.

According to RTO Himesh Tiwari, security troops from outside the district have begun to arrive in the district ahead of the polls. The agency has begun the process of acquiring the cars. The driver and the owner are breaking the rules of acquisition. Those who have been issued a warning should file a FIR. If you still refuse to accept, a FIR will be filed in addition to the challan.

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