The Alandi Road RTO will conduct a roller brake test soon.

Auto rickshaws and commercial light motor vehicles can use the gadget to test their brakes. For the time being, all auto rickshaws must go to Dive Ghat's within article-topic link|topic Regional-Transport-Office (RTO) facility for fitness testing. Around 150 auto rickshaws are inspected for fitness every day at Dive Ghat. However, the Alandi Road facility can test 250 cars each day.

Sanjay Sasane, Pune's deputy regional transport officer, said TOI. Until until, the only way to inspect a vehicle was to have it run at various speeds on a track while applying the brakes at various spots. After the new machine is commissioned, the system will alter. The car will be put on the machine, which will move its rollers. While the car is in a stationary position, it will inspect the brakes.

This is a more scientific method of testing automobiles, and the results will be more precise, an RTO official explained. A good testing track, similar to the one at Dive Ghat, was ready at the Alandi Road facility, according to another RTO official.

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