RTO warns action for collecting more than prescribed bus fare.

He was speaking to a crowd at the RTO office in Manipal during the 'Janaspandana meeting' . According to Ravindra Rao of Uppur, due to the Covid-19 epidemic and the 50 % capacity regulation in buses, a few buses have raised their bus fares.

Few buses on the Brahmavar-Kota route were now collecting excessive fares. He believes that bus fares should be shown on the inside of the buses. The Regional Transport Office (RTO) has stated that buses charging more than the set bus rate will face severe consequences. Cases have already been filed against such buses for infractions. In the last two months, a report was filed against 13 buses, and police seized seven of them, he noted.

Shekar Kulal of Bairampalli requested that the RTO run buses to Kuntalakatte- Ellare during peak hours (8 am and 9 am during the day and 5 pm and 6 pm in the evening).

According to the RTO, Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) will be required to file an application for a permit. Following a discussion of the subject at the road transport authority meeting, appropriate steps will be made to operate the buses.

Many bus owners had surrendered their permits in order to avoid paying taxes during the pandemic. According to him, the district has 171 such buses. The RTO had threatened to seize buses that were not renewing their surrendered bus permits.

According to Gangadhar, after the weekend curfew was lifted, more bus owners renewed their relinquished licenses. According to KMC retired professor S S Karanth, people are not taking advantage of programmed such as janaspandana.

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