RTO special campaigns amid rush to apply for school bus fitness certificates

PUNE: School buses are rushing to get Regional Transport Office (RTO) Fitness Certificates (FC) for schools to reopen in June 13 of the pandemic and bus owners have been hit hard by losing their jobs. Now, they pay a heavy price for the maintenance and servicing of their vehicles.

Regional traffic officials say all buses must comply with the standards or fines will be imposed on drivers at fault regarding student safety.

Atul Aade, deputy RTO at the Pimpri Chinchwad regional transport office, said there are 2,965 buses in the area and the process of issuing a health certificate for them is ongoing.

We will also be hosting a special collection for school buses. At the same time, we urge all bus owners to apply for a certificate of fitness to avoid fines. From checking the speedometer to the paperwork, we check everything during the health check before issuing the certificate that it is ready to transport children. We know that bus owners have suffered heavy losses during Covid19. Still, bus inspections are critical to student safety, Aade added.

Sanjay Sasane, deputy RTO at Pune Regional Transport Office said, there are approximately 7,500 college buses and vehicles registered in Pune city. About 60% have finished all formalities and acquired their health certificates. They had facilitated clean processing in their packages on Saturdays and Sundays.

“While there has been an awesome reaction in April, May has been a lull period. However, it's going to choose up now as colleges will reopen and the buses want lets in earlier than they ferry students. The authorities has already waived annual taxes for 2 years which was Rs a hundred consistent with seat consistent with annum. However, at some stage in the drive, we noticed that many have been but to get their coverage renewed or had a few small paintings pending,” Sasane said.

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