RTO offices now open on Saturdays for driving license issuance.

Tamil Nadu State Transport Department has recently made an important announcement regarding Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) in the state. In response to the large number of pending driving license applications, the department has decided to open select RTO offices exclusively on Saturdays to issue driving licences.

The objective of this initiative is to address the backlog of applications and provide convenience to the public. The designated RTO offices that will operate on Saturdays will primarily focus on processing pending applications. This service is available to all individuals, including those who have applied through driving schools.

To ensure smooth and transparent process, zonal officers of the transport department have been directed to closely monitor the proceedings and prevent any irregularities. Strict measures will be taken to prevent driving schools from taking advantage of this initiative. If any complaint or irregularity comes to light, the decision to open the RTO office on Saturday will be canceled immediately.

Further, the Transport Commissioner has directed the RTOs to issue press releases through District Collectors to inform the public about the availability of services on Saturdays.

The move has been widely appreciated as it will help in reducing the backlog of driving license applications. This will especially benefit those persons who are unable to visit RTO offices on weekdays due to work commitments.

If you are planning to apply for a driving license, it is advised to check the Transport Department website or directly contact your local RTO to confirm whether they will be open on Saturday or not. This information will help you plan your travel accordingly and get the most out of this new arrangement.

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