Dealers organized against the RTO officer for failing to issue a trade certificate, according to a memorandum submitted to the ADM.

Dealers in two-wheelers, four-wheelers, and tractors in Bhind, Madhya Pradesh, have accused the District Transport Officer of failing to issue the trade certificate on an arbitrary basis. Traders are unable to sell vehicles parked in showrooms due to the lack of a trade certificate. As a result, they are suffering greatly. Traders from all around the district came to the collectorate and handed the Additional District Magistrate a note.

Problems increased due to non-issuance of certificate:

Indeed, the District Transport Department across the country issues a trade certificate to traders and sub-trader dealers for the sale of automobiles on April 1. So that they can follow the norms and regulations when conducting business. Even after 13 days in April, no sub-trader in Bhind district has been able to sell a bike or tractor vehicle. In this regard, all of the district's traders who arrived at the Collectorate have presented a memorandum demanding action.

So that they may deal with trade issues and conduct business. Traders such as Anurag Sharma, Sub Trader, Bike Trader, Mehgaon, and Ashvendra Singh, Sub Trader, Trader, Ron claim that Bhind RTO Anurag Shukla is not renewing trades. It has deposited all of its documentation and fees. Despite this, the RTO has made an unlawful demand of Rs 7-8 thousand, and the certificates have been purposefully not issued to the sub-traders. It is a subject of corruption and collaboration somewhere in such a setup.

Action against RTO is demanded:

Traders who arrived at the collectorate said they had submitted the trade charge and received a receipt on March 31. None then, they are hounded unnecessarily. They can only run the service garage because they have no trade. During the period of April 1 to April 13, no automobile may be sold. The majority of the bike business, on the other hand, occurs during the wedding season. Further more, his entire firm is built on borrowing money from the market with his own money. They are unable to pay even the interest in this circumstance due to the non-sale of the automobile.

This is the first time in Bhind that an officer has gone against the government's rules to carry out this type of activity. Four bike sellers in the district have been given trade without any affidavit, and all of the dealers are being hounded. Traders have stated that they are unable to collaborate with RTO Shukla. It has been urged that they be prosecuted.

Will meet Scindia:

District Transport Officer Anurag Shukla, on the other hand, has dismissed the charges as unfounded and false. He claims that submitting only one affidavit is now obligatory. They've been told to double-check that any trade documents they've provided to the RTO in the past and will use in the future are correct. In the future, correct paperwork will be submitted as well. Aside from that, nothing of the type exists. The trade will be issued to the trader who submits this affidavit, which is currently being completed. Currently, all traders are scheduled to meet with the Transport Minister following the delivery of a memorandum to trader Additional District Magistrate. They claim that if the commerce does not continue, they will meet Scindia and raise their demand.

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