RTO licenses are not held by 57% of Pune driving schools.

According to a May drive conducted by the Pune regional transport office (RTO), around 57 % of driving schools in Pune do not have a license, and over 100 of them exist simply on paper.

Only 218 of the 502 RTO-registered schools in Pune were found to be functioning with legitimate licenses. "We have begun impounding the vehicles of unlawfully operated driving schools. Their names and addresses will be released," Sanjay Sasane, Pune's deputy RTO, stated,

RTO investigators also discovered over 100 "non-existent" driving schools in Pune. "We conducted inspections based on the paperwork we had on driving schools but were unable to find many of the institutions," stated another officer.

We believe that the epidemic must have resulted in the closure of numerous schools, with many of them failing to renew their licenses but continuing to operate. Around 300 notifications will be issued to unlicensed driving schools. So far, we have served notifications on around 62 schools. They will be given the opportunity to clarify their position, after which required action will be taken, He continued.

In Pimpri Chinchwad, 144 out of the 172 registered driving schools were deemed to be legitimate. "We have received renewal applications from only 16 of the remaining 28," an official stated. According to Sasane, procedures are being conducted to grade all registered driving schools. The grades A, B, C, and D are assigned based on the quality of their vehicles, the qualifications of their driving instructors, the overall facilities, and infrastructure. The same information will be forwarded to the transportation commissioner's office, which will publish the grades on its website.

RTO officials stated that they want to increase the frequency of driving school inspections.

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