RTO in Indore requests traffic police to consider temporary RC and DL certificates

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): The regional transport officer (RTO) has requested traffic police officials to consider issuing provisional certificates in lieu of registration cards and to also consider printing licences online in order to provide relief to applicants for vehicle registration and driving licences who have been waiting for their cards for several months.

Due to a lack of available blank registration and licence cards, RTO Pradeep Sharma claims that there is a significant card pendency. We were getting reports from people that when traffic police officers checked vehicles, they didn't take provisional certificates or licence prints from the internet into account, and people were getting in trouble as a result. We sent a letter to traffic police authorities requesting that they take into account granting provisional certifications in order to offer assistance to the public, Sharma added.

Since blank cards are seldom in stock in the office, blank card shortages have become a common occurrence at the RTO.

Officials from the Smart Chip Company, which prints the cards, said that there was a lack of the raw materials needed to make the cards, including the chips that were utilised in the cards. The scarcity of semiconductor chips is harming not only the production of cars but also that of cards. There is a scarcity of cards despite the fact that more raw materials are being obtained for the purpose from many nations, including China, according to a Smart Chip Company representative who requested anonymity.

At the Regional Transport Office, a sizable number of people who have applied for driving permits and registration cards have been waiting more than two months to get their documents.

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