The RTO encourages passengers to file complaints about irresponsible rickshaw drivers.

PUNE While individuals frequently resort to social media to express their dissatisfaction with local auto rickshaw drivers who refuse to transport them to their destination, just a handful have filed a complaint with the Regional Transport Office (RTO), according to authorities.

Despite urging locals to come forward and make a complaint against errant rickshaw drivers, the RTO suspended just 11 auto rickshaw drivers in 2021, despite the fact that the RTO encouraged citizens to come forward and file a complaint against errant rickshaw drivers. "In the Pune district, 72,000 auto rickshaws are registered, with 50,000 of them operating. The number may appear to be lower, however this might be due to the shutdown. However, prior to the shutdown, we used to receive 100 to 150 complaints every month, and we took action against such irresponsible drivers," said Sanjay Sasane, deputy RTO officer.

According to authorities, seven complaints were filed in April 2021, while only one was filed in July. A complaint was filed in October against rudeness and dangerous driving. Two complaints were filed in November against drivers who refused to convey people.

Under Section 83 of the Motor Vehicle Act, we can take action against individuals who refuse to ferry passengers to their destination, and we can suspend his permission for 30 days and his license for one to six months. People have reported to us that they are frequently rejected at railway stations, Swargate, Katraj, Wadgaon Budruk, Aundh, Baner, Undri, Hadapsar, and near hospitals such as Deenath Mangeshkar in Kothrud, added Sasane.

He went on to say that passengers can file a complaint and write specifying the time of the occurrence, the vehicle number, and, if possible, a photograph of the rickshaw.

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