Rs 71,000 paid for Activa, also paid Rs 15.44 lakh , so find out why.

Nowadays, a new trend has emerged; you may have noticed the hobby of purchasing a car, but even with the number plate of the automobile, individuals pay twice as much as the car's price. People are prepared to pay a premium for VIP number (stand for a fancy vehicle registration number) plates.

He paid approximately Rs 15.44 lakh for a VIP number plate for a Honda Activa motorcycle that costs barely Rs 71,000.

Brij Mohan, an advertising executive, recently won a gorgeous number plate at an auction held by the Chandigarh Registration and Licensing Authority. He paid a total of Rs 15.44 lakhs.

Mohan stated that the pricey vehicle's license plate will not remain on his Activa scooter indefinitely. He intends to utilize it in the future for his automobile. "I'll use the number to activate my new Activa. But I'll eventually utilize it for the automobile".

Mohan purchased the number plate as part of an auction of numerous exotic car numbers for the new series 'CH01-CJ'. The auction was held from the 14th to the 16th of April.

According to a Chandigarh Licensing Authority employee, 378 number plates were auctioned off for a total of Rs 1.5 crore.

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