Riders using bike taxis in Pune must pay steep fines.

Sovaji Kamble, the family's lone breadwinner and owner of a bike taxi, is concerned since the Pune Regional Transport Office (RTO) took his two-wheeler for engaging in unlawful business.

"I was first instructed to pay a Rs 500 fine, then when I arrived at the RTO office, I was issued a 10,000 challan. I hardly make Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 a month, how can I afford to pay such a huge sum to RTO? I have a family of five, and I've been going to the RTO office every day for the past four days to get my bike back," said Kamble.

Pune RTO has launched a campaign against unlawfully operating auto-rickshaws and two-wheeler bike taxis since August 1.

"I am a student and I started working as a bike taxi driver for pocket money, but after a few days I was caught by the RTO inspectors and now I have been handed over a challan of Rs 13,000," said Ram Singh, a 19-year-old student who started working last week.

He declared, "The RTO is taking action against us rather than the corporation."

According to information provided by the Pune RTO, there are several complaints regarding app-based, unlawfully operating bike taxis. Despite repeated warnings and previous actions, these two-wheeled bike taxis are still operating around the city. While there have been several grievances made by auto-rickshaw unions against the users of these services and the aggregator corporations who administer them.

Our RTO inspectors conduct a daily campaign to track down offenders. To all the providers of app-based aggregators, we had previously given notifications. Since bike taxis are still illegal in the state of Maharashtra, we are carrying out the drive in accordance with the directives from the headquarters, according to Pune regional transport officer Ajit Shinde.

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