Revolutionizing Transparency: MoRTH Introduces Faceless Tendering Mechanism

In a significant move towards enhancing transparency, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) is gearing up to introduce a 'faceless' approach to the tender process. This initiative also aims to simplify and facilitate the monitoring of the bidding process. Officials have revealed that there will be no direct interaction until the contract is officially awarded.

Under the guidance of Anurag Jain, Secretary of MoRTH, the ministry's team has commenced the development of a proposal aimed at revolutionizing the tender process with increased transparency and a faceless approach. Within this faceless tendering framework, all stages, ranging from drafting the tender notice, securing technical and administrative approvals for estimates, formulating bid documents, and conducting financial and technical evaluations up to work allocation, will be conducted through online channels.

Reports suggest that even the Prime Minister's Office acknowledges the necessity for reform. The idea was proposed to us. I deliberated the matter with my team and instructed them to outline the specifics. The anticipated changes will require some time. Given the nature of this endeavor, a timeframe of six to eight months seems reasonable. We are steadfast in our commitment to establish this system, utilizing technology-driven administrative procedures to enhance transparency, affirmed Jain.

The road division of the ministry holds responsibilities encompassing the planning, expansion, and upkeep of the national highway grid spanning the entire nation. If all elements align successfully, the ministry anticipates implementing this strategy by March. Officials have clarified that following the establishment of a robust system, necessary approvals will need to be obtained, which naturally incurs a certain time duration.

Among other considerations, financial evaluation can be seamlessly integrated into the faceless approach. However, technical assessment and validation necessitate careful attention. We are presently engaging in discussions regarding the verification process. Our objective is to combine financial and technical assessment validation into a unified process, for which our database needs to be enriched, elucidated officials.

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