Registration of e-rickshaws in Lucknow: Only with NOC

The Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC) has written to the Regional Transport Office (RTO) requesting that e-rickshaws be registered only if they have a certificate of no objection (NOC).

On behalf of the LMC, a letter is being issued to the RTO to prohibit registrations without a NOC. Additionally, drivers of e-rickshaws operating within city borders will be required to obtain permission by paying the LMC a charge. The plan was approved by the LMC house at a meeting held on Monday.

By issuing NOCs to e-rickshaws, the LMC hopes to make Rs 7 crore.

"Regulating e-rickshaws is highly crucial for the city, The LMC house of representatives passed a motion to limit the usage of e-rickshaws on city highways." said municipal commissioner Ajay Dwivedi.

Those operating e-rickshaws within municipal limits will be required to deposit a Rs 2,000 operating fee each year, according to a resolution voted by the House. The RTO will only register those rickshaws that have paid the fee.

The LMC is drafting rules and regulations to make a NOC obligatory for e-rickshaws, according to additional municipal commissioner Pankaj Singh. The NOC charge will be collected in the same way that a hotel, nursing home, liquor store, or bar licence fee is collected.

"A letter is being written to the RTO urging that no e-rickshaw be registered without the LMC's NOC, Anyone operating an e-rickshaw within the city borders will be required to obtain permission." he said.

Giving NOCs to e-rickshaws is estimated to bring in many crores for the LMC. In the city, there are approximately 35,000 e-rickshaws. In such a scenario, the LMC is estimated to generate around 7 crore per year by charging a Rs 2,000 operation fee every e-rickshaw.

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