Pune RTO issues notices to 1,777 establishments for helmet rule violations.

RTO officials recently issued notices to a total of 1,777 establishments, including government offices, MIDC companies, schools, colleges and IT firms, for non-compliance of helmet rules. Strict enforcement of helmet rules was in effect from September 15 to 22, and these establishments were found violating Section 194 Section D of the Motor Vehicles Act (MVA), which states that two-wheeler riders must compulsorily wear helmets while entering.

The notice issued by the RTO authorities clearly states that any two-wheeler driver found without a helmet on the premises of these institutions will face punitive action as per the established procedures.

In response, as per the compliance reports submitted to the RTO officials, several of these institutions have taken collective action against 104 persons.

RTO officials have stressed that they had earlier informed government, semi-government and private institutions about the mandatory helmet rule, but they noticed that their guidelines and notices were not being followed.

To address this non-compliance, RTO officials took proactive steps, including checking CCTV footage of some establishments to send a strong message to institutions failing to enforce the law.

Pune RTO Sanjeev Bhor stressed, We have given instructions that helmets should be compulsorily worn inside school and college premises and government, semi-government and other commercial and private institutions. In case of violation, action will be taken under MVA. Act Section 194 D.

He also said that as part of the intensive awareness campaign, action has been started at some places.

Dr. Anwar Shaikh, Principal, Poona College, Camp expressed support for the steps taken by the State Transport Department and the RTO office, highlighting the positive impact of making helmets mandatory in enhancing the safety of passengers and reducing accidents and fatalities.

The notice cites MVA Section 129, which makes it mandatory for persons above four years of age to wear protective headgear while driving or riding a motorcycle in a public place as per standards prescribed by the central government. The measure aims to promote safety and reduce the risks associated with riding motorcycles in public areas.

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